Entertainment and Technical Theatre in East Anglia

This has always been the passion of all those involved with Kompak, Movers & Shakers and our various "Theatre Partners".

The new Website for 2022 will continue with the dedication shown when we started back in 2003 and display the results of that commitment today.

The hyperlinks and buttons on this site will help you to navigate to photo-galleries, technical help files, downloads, support and links to our Theatre Partners. Due to space restrictions image resolutions have been reduced in all the photo-galleries, but many high quality images are still available in our databases. Please feel free to email details of your requirements we will be pleased to send you copies of anything we have by return email.

Since we have no bookings for Movers and Shakers in 2022 all the existing photos and files from that Website are now being transferred onto here

www.Kompak.org.uk /photo.html

so please try that